Additives automatic dosing machine
Additives automatic dosing machine
Additives automatic dosing machine
Additives automatic dosing machine

Additives automatic dosing machine Additives automatic dosing machine

The additives automatic weighing machine can replace manual weighing of chemical additives and avoid the error caused by human misoperation. The machine can weighs 5 to 10 kinds of additives with high efficiency, high precision and no dust.

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Application and feature

Application and introduction

   To weigh the additives is an repeated and tedious job, the workers may make weighing mistake easily, which will influence the final product's quality.  so we developed this PVC additives auto-weighing machine to instead of traditional manual weighing. It could weigh the additives  automatically, such as  stearic acid, wax, titanium dioxide, whitener, carbon black etc. This system could avoid the mistake of manual weighing and also keep the workshop clean.
1.It is applicable to plastics, foodstuffs, chemical indusry, pharmaceutical, construction,rubber and other industries.
2.Typical application is the automatic and high accuracy weighing of chemical additives in PVC processing industry.

System features

1. The tolerance is less than 10 gram/batch,
2. It can storage numberless formulas according to your need.
3. All the electrical part adopt famous brand to ensure the accuracy and stability, we use American brand weighing sensor: METTLER TOLEDO.
4. Our scada software assess the daily/weekly/monthy reports of total production, material to be consumed, batch recipe, printing, break down alarm etc, these datas can be downloaded by USB for further record and analysis.
5. We can do 5-10 bins for your choice.
6. Avoid manual operation fault
7. Auto dosing system adopt computer control,it improves the material weighing accuracy,and avoid the chemical  hazard to operator.
8. Save the labor cost and improve the production efficency,in addition, powder running in the sealing circuit pipes and our dust colleactor system can avoid the environmment pollution and keep your workshop clean. 
9. High Accuracy: it adopts top-quality weighing sensor and advanced design to reach high accuracy according to the formula.
10. Intelligent Speed Regulation:According to the weight of the different additive in the formula, the system can adjust the feeding speed automatically. The high power feeding motor is installed in this system, so the feeding will be faster, stable and accurate
11. Reliable: The control system adopts international famous brand Siemens products.
12. Easy Installation: This system is composed of several individual small silos. the cables between the silos and the control cabinet are connected well before shipment. It is easy for the user to install and use.
13. Easy Operation:Friendly operation interface with diagram and symbol for easy operation. The user doesn't need to revise the program. The user could set  parameters on the touch screen to meet different requirement.
14. Quality Guarantee:The silos are made of 304 stainless steel. The electrics are from international famous brands that have CE or UL certificate.

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