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Automatic mixing equipment

Automatic mixing equipment

Chiyu as a professional manufacturer and supplier of automatic mixers, can provide high-quality automatic solid mixing equipment, PVC mixer, heater cooler mixer, etc. The professionalism of Fame makes us customer-centric from service to after-sales, such as customer's products, material types and characteristics, process and technical exchanges, plant conditions, etc

What is automatic mixer machine?

Automatic mixer machine is the use of high-pressure resistant steel plate, high safety, surface anti-rust treatment, stable pressure, set a safety valve, can make the solid mixture stable output.

Application direction of the automatic mixer?

Automatic mixing equipment is mainly used for mixing, coloring and drying of powder and granular materials in plastic, rubber, chemical and food industries. 

Automatic mixer is widely used in industrial companies, such as chemical, pharmaceuticals, food, and construction line.

Our automatic mixer mainly includes the following products: pvc high speed mixer, high speed heater cooler mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer, industrial liquid mixer.

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The dosing mixing system

The dosing mixing system

Automatic dosing system is a kind of automatic dosing equipment for industrial (e.g. concrete dosing system) and agricultural (e.g. feed dosing) production, usually by a computer with automatic dosing algorithm software as its automatic dosing control system. This system includes automatic feeding dosing mixing system, vacuum conveying system, etc. it is suitable for automatic weighing, mixing and conveying of all powder and particle materials to plastic extruder.

Chiyumixer is a collection of scientific research, design, production, sales and system integration as one of the high-tech enterprises, the company is committed to the mixing machine series, PVC plastic industry, rubber industry and manufacturing system of automatic batching delivery. We offer dosing and mixing systems for PVC wall panel, PVC pipes, Window profiles, SPC floor and other PVC industry customers. Our company has brought together a group of technology development teams with strong technical strength and practical experience in the dosing and mixing system.

Advantage of The Dosing and Mixing System

Traditional mixing method is that people weigh and batch material manually, then move the mixed material to extruder also manually, this old way just fit for the small factory, and has many defects.

● Modernization of workshop management

From raw material feeding → raw material storage → dosing → mixing and blending → other processes → weighing and loading, we provide a full range of planning and design.

● Enables flexible recipe changes

The dosing and mixing system can be fed according to different recipes, with accurate measurement and uniform mixing, and can change the recipe flexibly to ensure the diversified needs of production.

● Achieving an environmentally clean workshop

The storage and weighing drums are designed with quick disassembly structure for quick material change and cleaning.

Pneumatic conveying system

Pneumatic conveying system

Chiyu as a professional manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic vacuum conveying systems, has many years of experience in the field of pneumatic vacuum conveying. With the comprehensive experience gained over many years in pneumatic conveying systems and our innovative ideas, we provide the market with high-quality and technologically advanced products. We have not only skilled craftsmen in pneumatic conveying system manufacturing, but also modern manufacturing methods, which are the guarantee of precision products.

What is Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic conveying, also known as air conveying, is a specific application of fluidization technology that uses the energy of the air flow to transport granular and powder materials along the direction of the air flow in a closed pipeline.

Feature of Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Large conveying volume, long conveying distance and higher conveying speed

Can load in one place and unload in multiple places

Pneumatic Conveying Systems Types

According to the working principle, pneumatic conveying system can be divided into suction type and pressure type.

  • Suction-pneumatic conveying is to suck the atmosphere and materials into the pipeline together, and use low-pressure air current for conveying, so it is also called vacuum suction.
  • Pressure-feeding pneumatic conveying system uses compressed air higher than atmospheric pressure to push materials for conveying system.

According to the density of particles in the conveying pipeline, pneumatic conveying system is divided into: Dilute phase pneumatic conveying, Dense phase pneumatic conveying, Negative pressure pneumatic conveying.

  • Dilute phase conveying: The conveying distance is basically within 300m. The dilute phase conveying operation is simple, no mechanical rotating parts, low conveying pressure, no maintenance, and maintenance-free.
  • Dense phase conveying: The conveying distance can reach more than 500m, which is suitable for long-distance conveying, but dense phase conveying has more valves and more pneumatic and electric equipment.

Pneumatic Conveying Solutions

The pneumatic conveying system device belongs to dense-phase medium-pressure pneumatic conveying, which is suitable for conveying particles and powder materials that are not easily broken. It is widely used in foundry, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Vacuum conveying system is the transport of bulk solids and powder, through a pipe by using the flow of air or other gas. Vacuum conveying can be built as a pressure or vacuum system.

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Automatic feeding system

Automatic feeding system

Automatic feeding machine, an automated material conveying equipment, compared to the traditional feeding machine operation is easier, more automated, people only need to determine the requirements and procedures of control, without direct operation of the feeding mechanism. It is a mechanism that delivers items from one location to another, during which the process can be completed automatically and accurately without human intervention. It is mainly used for conveying various materials and semi-products of industrial products, and it can also be used with the next process to automate production.

A screw with a U shape barrel and driven by a gear motor for bulk solid material conveying.This system includes automatic feeding system, mixing system, vacuum conveying system, etc.

Chiyu as a professional manufacturer and supplier of automatic feeding machine, can provide various automatic feeding system, including various vacuum feeding machine and hybrid feeding machine, etc. You can contact us to get more information about automatic feeding system.

Additives micro dosing system

Additives micro dosing system

The additives automatic weighing machine can replace manual weighing of chemical additives and avoid the error caused by human misoperation. The machine can weighs 5 to 10 kinds of additives with high efficiency, high precision and no dust.


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Zhangjiagang Chiyu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd focus on building bulk solid handling plant and supplying related machines and fabricated parts to plastic, chemical and petrochemical industry.

Our long suits are the best understanding of bulk material properties and the handling process. We are good at solving problems which exist in bulk solid conveying, storage, weighing, mixing and screening.

Meanwhile, offering optimal solutions and proposals of the whole project. Eventually, our company will provide you with an ideal project which acts according to your demands.With comprehensive experience, creative and innovative emotion.

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