Advantages And Maintenance of Automatic Feeding System For Poultry

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Do you know that an automated process can save your energy and the cost of production?

If you own a poultry farm, you can significantly reduce the hustle of feeding the animals by purchasing a Automatic Feeding System.

Once set, an automatic feeding system enables you to feed hundreds of poultry animals at a faster rate without having to pay for laborers.

What are the advantages of an automatic feeding system and how do you maintain it? Worry no more as we provide the answer to these questions in this article.

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Advantages Of an Automatic Feeding System

Some of the advantages of using an automatic feeding system include:

1. Automation

The fact that the system continues to work by itself once set is an advantage.

An automatic feeding system, therefore, saves the energy that will be wasted by manual operation.

The operation of the system is safe, and convenient, and does not give out noises.

2. Quick Feeding Rate

An automatic feeding system can work very fast and can completely feed up to 10,000 chickens in just 40 minutes.

The system therefore saves time. It ensures that time is conserved to be used for performing other tasks apart from feeding the animals.

 Automatic Feeding System

3. Energy Conservation

An automatic feeding system is 85% more energy efficient than the usual chain feeders that are commonly used on local farms.

The various parts of the system are well designed to minimize energy loss in form of heat. Thus, the operation is highly efficient.

4.  Cost Saving

An automatic feeding system saves the cost of production. It can replace the work of several dozens of people and save the cost of paying for labor.

5.  Easy Operation

An automatic feeding system enables the farmer to easily set the amount of feed in which he desires to give to the animals.

It also allows the farmer to add an appropriate amount of feed at any time.

Maintenance Of Automatic Feeding System

Buying an automatic feeding system to feed your farm animals is not as important as knowing how to maintain it.

Proper maintenance of your automatic feeding system will save the cost of regular replacement of worn-out parts.

Here are a few tips on how you can maintain your automatic feeding system:

1. Do not put anything on the automatic feeding system when it is started. This will save the motor of the system from burning out due to pressure.

2. Always check whether the belt is intact or loose before starting the machine. Ensure you fix the belt tightly if found loose.

3. Apply lubricants to the gears, chains, and other moveable parts of the automatic feeding system regularly.

4. Clean the specks of dust that could have settled in the control box regularly. The accumulation of specks of dust in the control box can short circuit the internal circuit of the system.

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