What You Should Know About the Automatic Feeding System

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The automatic feeding system, as the name implies is a set of heavy duty highly specialized equipment required as a necessity for every industry.

This is most important for those concerned with manufacturing and converting of raw materials into finished products.

The system is made up of a mixing system, a vacuum conveying system and of course the automatic feeding system.  

Specially built for conveying bulk solid material in factories and industries. There are a few things you should know about the automatic feeding system.

Application and Features of the Automatic Feeding System

The technology is designed to feed several extruders automatically. Materials are stored and transported in stainless steel containers and pipes that are sealed.

To successfully reduce dust pollution and keep the workshop clean, some dust removal measures are implemented. You do not have to worry about keeping the workshop clean as the automatic feeding system is made to reduce pollution.

This system consists of an automatic feeding system, a mixing system, and a vacuum conveying system, among other things. It can weigh, combine, and transfer all powder and particle materials to a plastic extruder or injection molding machine automatically.

It works best when used in industries working with the following products;

  • Powder and particle materials
  • Pellets and small lump materials in a closed tube loop
  • Plastic, rubber, chemical and food industries.

The components used for its electrical component makes it very reliable, efficient and long lasting. There is value for your services and increased productivity.

automatic feeding system

Which Industries Can Use the Automatic Feeding System?

The automatic feeding system is suitable for use in the following industries with specific applications as listed;

Fine chemical industries;

Industries working on products such as; dye, paints, coatings, carbon black, titanium pigment, ferric oxide, ceramic powder, coarse whiting fine particle calcium carbonate, silica flower, and other fine chemicals.

Pesticide Ore

Industries producing materials such as; urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, soda powder, solid pesticide and so on.

Building Material

The building material industry is involved with the manufacture of such products as; cement, limestone, fiber glass, French chalk, tiles, marbles and so on.

Food Processing Industry

Industries involved in processing of food and related products. Such as; milk powder, flour, starch, grains, beverages etc.

Why Choose the Automatic Feeding System?

The automatic feeding system comes with a number of special features which has placed it in the forefront of equipment used in the manufacturing industries. Some of the features are;

  • Operations is computerized and centralized and therefore there is a reduced risk of environmental pollution.
  • Can be configured to about three dimensions and ensures that it makes use of very little space because of its compactness.
  • Incoming and outgoing valves are airtight to ensure that dust particles do not fly around when in use.
  • Computerized parts ensure that there is reduced noise and friction between moving parts is reduced through computerized checks and troubleshooting.
  • Ease of dissembling and cleaning.
  • Built in accordance with environmental regulations and government permission for installation and usage all over the world.

Are you in need of the automatic feeding system?

Is your production ineffective because of the machines used in your manufacturing? Are you having issues with regulating agencies because of violation of government policies by your manufacturing machines; mixers, conveyors and extruders?

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