Different Production Processes Of PVC Cables Due To Different Production Equipment

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Today we will give you some technical information about the production process of PVC cables.

There are two main ways of production process

1. Double roll open refining and pelletizing: raw and additives materials → batching → high-speed mixer → internal mixer → double roll open mixer → cooling water tank → drying → pelletizer → screening magnetic separation → dosing → packaging.

2. Single screw extruder granulation: raw and additives materials → batching → high-speed mixer → cooling mixer → single screw extruder → hot cutting head → air cooling → screening magnetic separation → dosing → packaging.

plastic mixer

Main components for the production process

1. overhead crane set for jumbo bags and load hoppers for pvc resin and caco3

2. round barrel type screw conveyor

3. vacuum conveying hopper with load cell

4. high speed mixer

5. vertical cooling mixer

6. automatic oil scaling system

7. pelletizing machine

8. blower

9. single-layer vibrating sieve

10. blower

11. vertical storage barrel


In addition to storing silo for Vacuum packages and storage function, this unit automatically handles powder package conveying, featuring easy operation, and avoiding the need to carry and add raw material at Mixer operation platform. It also prevents dust leakage saves labor and time, and helps reduce processing cost. An environment-friendly and economic conveyor system that can increase the productivity by 30%, this is the ideal model for the plastic industry.

Plastic Industry Production Process Batching System Liquid Weighing Machine

Main Technical Parameters:

Powder scale weighing range

≤800 Kgs

Oil scale weighing range

1-200 Kgs

Powder weighing accuracy


Oil weighing accuracy


Conveying capacity


Transmission distance

Horizon≤80m; Vertical≤20m

Pipe diameter


Air source

Root's Blower


plastic mixer


  • This system is suitable for plastic mixer capacity from 200L to 1500L
  • It is applicable for the factory building structured of 1-storyey or 2-storey, saving the construction cost for new factory building
  • This system is to fulfill the storage, conveyance, weighing and dosing of the major ingredients, such as PVC , Caco3,additives, and oils
  • The storage area are separated from the production area 
  • This system had integrated mixer upstream equipment, banbury, rubber scale in one program, and realize the online control 
  • This system is realized the production automation and management information systemization
  • This system mainly applicable for production of rubber products, plastic products, shoes, rubber cable materials, chemical materials.
  • This system had combined vacuum type conveying and screw type weighing, less space occupancy (1-2 meters higher than full vacuum system) and high weighing accuracy(+/- 50g-0.5%).

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