ChiYu Dosing & Feeding Systems For Food Industry

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ChiYu Technologie designs and builds installations dedicated to the handling of dry bulk products and the dosing of powder ingredients. Every day, our teams support projects optimizing the industrial processes of agri-food plants.

Dosing & Feeding Systems For Food Industry

Exclusively for the food industry

Our sales personnel and project managers are experts in all food processing sectors: biscuit products, bakery, confectionery, dairy products, ready meals, drinks, flavorings and many more besides. They are familiar with the standards applicable to them, their vocabulary and uses, and also with the issues specific to your business. They have interfaced hundreds of machines with our powder transfer networks: mixers, dispersers, syrupers, grinders, kneaders, sprinklers, sieves, dilution tanks, extruders, packaging machines, conches, mogul lines, churns and so on.

Dosing & Feeding Systems For Food Industry

ChiYu’s capability

Focus on the process end-to-end, from storage through to the finished product

Over and above the simple conveying of food powders, ChiYu Technologie offers expert competence at every stage in the flow of dry products. Choice of type of storage, workshop organisation, dosing methods, continuous production or batch preparation. Our knowledge base is unique as it is built on thousands of projects delivered exclusively in food environments. We also have a library of hundreds of certified powders. 

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