Working Principle of Dosing Mixing System

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The dosing and mixing system is very important and very reliable, and the dosing and mixing are based on the materials you are using and the material to be mixed.

Before varies you choose your dosing and mixing system, there are things to consider and look into which are the properties of the materials you want to work with, the method to use is it volumetric or gravimetric and the volume of each cycle or the unit you will process per part.

And you need to consider the environment you are in Such as cleanroom position and vibration etc. these play a vital role in the dosing mixing system.

Also, cone valve, Disc dosing device, dosing screw, slide-gate valve are the most used dosing devices in injection molding.

A dosing mixing system is very important and it has intelligent controls, it does not take time, it gives accuracy and no form of mistake and most importantly it is very easy to clean. It achieves complete mixing and dosing.

Before, you have been using hopper and agitator which have not been given you the required result. An agitator can easily damage some material. The replacement for this is a dosing mixing system which can do what a hopper with an agitator cannot do. And the dosing system comes in volumetric or gravimetric.

Dosing screws keenly use the spindle and concurrently takes it to the place of ejection.  This screw is wrapped in a tube known as a dosing sleeve. However, the quantity of material to be dosed is determined by the pitch of the screw, the diameter, and the rotation of the screw.

You need to set the dosing mixing screw at the skyward to avoid material falling out unintentionally. When the material does not fall out it makes cleaning easier.  

Activities on the dosing screw are unceasing, and the dosing screw is available in different designs for different materials, and it can be used for either gravimetric systems and small or large materials.

Also, when you are working with non-free-flowing materials you will need an extra device like an agitator to serve the ingredient. When the material has a low melting point friction among the tube and screw can cause heat which is a big problem.

Dosing Mixing System

How does the corn valve in the gravimetric dosing mixing system works?


On the other hand, the cone valve is an inactive system meaning that the material only moves from the hopper that supplies. And valve which is made by the cylinder and cone helps to manage the movement.

The material can go through beating non-stop and in sets.  And the quantity of the material that will be dosed is determined by the stroke wideness of the cylinder, how long the valve is open and the cross-sectional area of the cone, this is because the piston goes up and down steeply.

The cone valve can be used for different materials either non-free-flowing materials or free-flowing, and those that clump or stick together.


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Getting the right equipment for your work will be the best and first achievement to acquire your aims and get your work done. The dosing mixing system has been in use, and it has helped ease some mixing and doing issues in materials. Working with it is not difficult at all, and it gives you the best outcome you long for.

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