The Mixing Process Of Automatic Mixing Equipment

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Automatic Mixing equipment is developed with a high level of reliability to combine two or more different substances into a homogeneous product. The substances may be liquid, solid, or gaseous.


There are different mixers currently in the market. The choice of a suitable mixer depends on the physical nature of the ingredient, the required mixing process, the temperature, and the pressure.


The machine carries out different processes before a homogeneous product is achieved. Let's look at some of the processes involved. Meanwhile, the processes involved depend on the state of the ingredient.



1. Liquid-liquid Mixing Process


The liquid-liquid mixing process involves the combination of two different liquids to blend completely. It involves the use of low-flow and high-shear mixers to produce one liquid in a laminar flow.



2. Solid- Solid Mixing Process


The solid-solid mixing process uses different mechanisms to mix two solid materials into one quality material. With the use of better technology, the process is much easier. The process can either be through intensive mixing or convective mixing.



3. The Liquid-Solid Mixing Process


The liquid-solid mixing process is used to break lumps of solids. The solid is inserted into the liquid and the mixer causes the lumps to disintegrate. One good example of this process is the mixing of concrete where water is used to mix sand, gravel, and cement to form a homogeneous product for construction work.

Automatic Mixing Equipment


4. Liquid-Gas Mixing Process


The liquid-gas mixing process enables mass transfer. In air striping, the process is used to extract volatiles from the liquid. There is a motionless mixer called a packing column. The air pump provides the needed driving force.



5. Gas-Solid Mixing Process


The gas-solid mixing process is used to transport small solid particles or powder from one place to another. Also, it can be used to mix solid catalysts with the gaseous reactant.


The shape and size of the ingredient, especially, the solid particles are important. This is because the drag coefficient of particles is not the same. The densities are not the same too. The cyclone is used to separate solids and gases industrially. It slows down gases and makes the solid particles settle.



6. The Multiphase Mixing Process


The multiphase mixing process occurs when gases, liquids, and solids are mixed in one step. The mixing process may occur with one of the ingredients assisting the other two to combine appropriately.


The type of mixer required depends on the properties of the materials. Sometimes, an impeller is used to suspend the solid particles in the liquid-gaseous mixture. The mixing power may also come from the gas as it transfers through the liquid.



Get The Right Mixer


From the processes above, it is clear that different mixers are used for different mixing processes. Fortunately, there is automatic mixing equipment that can make the work easy and simple. Mixing equipment comes in different forms such as manual, semi-automated, and fully automated. It is essential to purchasing the right equipment that meets your need.



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