Food Product Automatic Dosing System Weighing Machine
Food Product Automatic Dosing System Weighing Machine
Food Product Automatic Dosing System Weighing Machine
Food Product Automatic Dosing System Weighing Machine
Food Product Automatic Dosing System Weighing Machine

Food Product Automatic Dosing System Weighing Machine Food Product Automatic Dosing System Weighing Machine

The additives automatic weighing machine can replace manual weighing of chemical additives and avoid the error caused by human misoperation. The machine can weighs 6 to 48

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Application and feature

Application and introduction

The small additive auto dosing weighing batching machine - We developed this auto weighing system especially to instead of traditional manual weighing. This auto weighing system could weigh the quantity for one batch usage automatically. This system could avoid the mistake of manual weighing and also keep the workshop clean.This system could auto weigh 6-48 kinds of powder or granules additives.
Micro multi-ingredient formula weighing platform scale is designed for small load materials weighing process, is suitable for weighing of powder, pellet and flake material and can be used in many industries such as Rubber Plastic Chemical food forage and medicine industries. It adopts double screws, belt and electromagnetic vibration to feed material and is controlled by computer with the functions of material management, formula management, quality tracking, error-proof system, formula barcode printing etc. The equipment includes material storage ara, feeding system, roller conveyor, weighing unit,dust collector and control system.The best features of the equipment are small space occupancy, fast weighing speed, and high precision

Re-checking and rejection automatically
The latter weighing station will be-check previous one.if the two time weighting tolerance is over setting precsion,this batch weighing will be stopped but go on moving following the setting queue and rejected when pass valve check facility. This function is to reduce material waste and avoid big lost caused by large precsion during weighing.

Error proof for feeding material into storage tank
When feeding material into storage tank,scan label on chemical bag firstly. After control system confirming no mistake,the storage tank will open automatically,or the material can not be feeded to avoid feeding wrong material

Main Technical Parameters 

Number of applicable dosing chemcials:8-48 kinds
Weighing range of electronic scale:10-50kgs
Weighing accuracyof electronic scale static:≤±0.1% F.S
Weighing accuracyof electronic scale dynamic:≤±0.15% F.S
Weighing accuracyof electronic scale accumulative:≤±0.2% F.S
Gradient of weighing display instrument:1g, 2g, 5g
Dosing cycle time and productivity continuous dosing capacity reached:240-360 bags/ shift
Dust contents in tail air after dust removal system:≤8mg/m3
System equipment noise:<75dB
Installed capacity:15-25kW/Set

Δ Realized remote management and control and after- sales support, improved management level.
Δ Using high resolution electronic scale and weighing display instruments, enabled high weighing accuracy.
Δ Muli-stations simultaneous weighing and dosing, continuous dosing capactity reached 200-600 bags/shift,resulted in high productivity.
Δ Key elements and components are all import or from joint venture company's products, ensured stability and reliability.
Δ Field bus working system (i.e. setup of PLC substations), can automatically check the running conditions, giving alarm location and solution prompting as abnurmalities occur, for facilitation for troubleshooting and maintenance.
Δ Rectangular circulation conveying line layout, open Chinese- English M-M interface, system working process display in multi-areas, monitoring and operation functions, all make use easier and simpler.
Δ Automatically testing the system running conditions, gives alarm location as abnormalities occur, and troubleshooting prompts.
Δ Lower energy consumption design, avaiable of safety interlocking protection measures, ensured energy saving and safety.
Δ Optimized dust removal and recovery system design, equipped with bag filter for each machine, free from dust flying and leakage,enabled good environment and no raw material wasting
Δ Flexible layout(incl. 1 and 2 stroy layouts, suitable for 8-48 kinds of raw materials), wide suitability for meeting the demands of different users.


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