V blender ribbon mixer for food powder industry V blender ribbon mixer for food powder industry

It is a low speed mixer, therefore no heat generated during mixing.Suitable for power or pellets mixing especially heat sensitive chemicals mixing. It provides a very good distribution and mixing than other type low speed mixers.

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Application and feature

V blender ribbon mixer for food powder industry

Application range:
Capsule granules, Chinese medicine condiments, powdered or granular Chinese herbal medicines, iron powder, copper powder, magnesium powder and other chemical powders, fishing feed, poultry feed, wildlife feed, bird feed, condiments, additives, vitamins, various sugar products, etc., all kinds of powdered or granular ore.

Working principle:
This series of machine are newly design, high efficient and high accuracy mixer. It is widely used for dry material grains in the field of medical, chemical, food, metallurgical and other industry.
The machine is mainly composed of mixing tank, spiral agitating vane and transmission parts. There are two layers of spiral agitating vane. The outside vanes accumulate the material from side to center, while the inner vanes separate the material from center to side. So that material will mix to each other in convective mixing inside the tank. It’s high efficient.
The machine through the deceleration mechanism to drive the cylinder rotation, the use of the mixer two cylinder length of the unequal formation of asymmetry for mixing, when the mixer movement, the material from decomposition to combination, due to the difference in potential energy, it produces a transverse force, to promote the material for lateral exchange. When the material is combined to decomposed, due to the different planes of the material, a lateral force is generated and the material is pushed to communicate laterally. The cylinder rotates for a week, so that about 25% of the material flows from one cylinder to another; at the same time, the cylinder rotates and produces radial flow of the material, so that the material is transverse and radial decomposition, and the combination is alternate, so that the material achieves a very uniform effect.

Product advantages 
● High mixing uniformity.
Due to the unequal length of the two cylinders, the material flow time in the cylinder is different, so it has a very high mixing efficiency and excellent mixing uniformity.
● No residue, no cross-contamination.
There is no dead angle between the inside of the cylinder and the contact part of the material, the mixing process is mild, no segregation is generated, the discharge is thorough, there is no residue, and no cross-contamination will occur.
● The cylinder is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistance and long life. Simple operation. 

Selection way:
1. Choose the batch working capacity from 0.1cbm to 20cbm, select mixer accordingly.
2. Choose material for the part contact with raw material, non-contact with raw material, other parts like motor and reducer, bearing material can  not be chosen; According to the material to be mixed, processing condition, health level, raw material can be mild steel, sus304, sus316L,        sus321; And choose the surface treatment according to the raw material.
3. Motor power is chosen according to the material gravity, fluidity, and operation.
Operation is divided as: Start mixer when it is empty (normal duty); Start mixer with load (heavy duty)
4. Adding the auxiliary components like spraying, heating and cooling according to processing condition.
5. Mixer inlets: feeding ports, cleaning port, vent.
6. Chose discharging and driven mode: manual, pneumatic and electric.
Note: mixer selection is a very important step, your detailed material information, processing and factory arrangement are very helpful to get professional technical support from us.

Technical data:

Type Total Volume(M³) loads coefficient Motor power KW Size(L×W×H) Net weight(kg)
LT-0.1 0.1 0.4-0.8 0.37 1190×740×770 330
LT-0.3 0.3 0.4-0.8 0.37 2030×630×980 720
LT-0.5 0.5 0.4-0.8 0.37 2320×730×1130 980
LT-1 1 0.4-0.8 0.75 2800×920×1320 1700
LT-1.5 1.5 0.4-0.8 0.75 2800×920×1320 1800
LT-2 2 0.4-0.8 1.5 3180×1020×1550 2100
LT-3 3 0.4-0.8 1.5 3310×1120×1640 3000
LT-4 4 0.4-0.8 2.2 3750×1290×1820 3980
LT-5 5 0.4-0.8 2.2 4220×1400×1990 4620
LT-6 6 0.4-0.8 3 4220×1500×2100 6180
LT-8 8 0.4-0.8 4 4700×1610×2260 8200
LT-10 10 0.4-0.8 5.5 5520×2960×2720 9520
LT-12 12 0.4-0.8 7.5 5720×3010×2840 9950

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