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High speed PVC mixer for plastic mixing machine is widely used to compound PVC resin with some other materials in the industry of PVC extrusion, PVC pelletizing/granulating and so on.

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Application and introduction

SRL series mixer units are widely used in mixing, drying, coloring for all kinds ofresin such as PVC, PP, PE. The pvc high speed mixer can also be applied in dryness of ABS, polycarbonate, and mixing hydroxybenzene, Aide Hyde resin.

Features of high speed PVC mixer for plastic mixing machine:

- mixer barrel adopts 5mm stainless steel, bottom adopts 6mm stainless steel, it's stronger and durable. 

- the frame of mixer made by 12mm channel steel which are stronger and more durable. 

- the bottom support steel plate adopts 20mm steel sheet, most factory only use 14mm thick steel.

- the mixer exhausing filter adopts very good air filter used for car, the air exhausting effect is much more better than cloth bag filter.

- the cooling mixer's cooling belt is elaborately designed which can fast cool down the plastic materials.

- hot mixer blades are well desgined which can save mixing time by 2mintues for one batch.

- adopts Gemany oil seal, make sure no oil leakge 

Introduction of PVC high speed mixer

The automatic plastic height mixer is an ideal equipment for the production of PVC products such as sheets, pipes, and profiles.

Application of PVC high-speed mixer:

The PVC plastic mixer developed by Chiyu is widely used in fine chemicals, feed, food, hard materials, ceramic materials, building materials, paint industry, dyes, fertilizers, etc. for better mixing. Shear-sensitive crystalline powders, batch products are mixed, and liquids are mixed into solids.

Advantages of PVC high-speed mixer:

The plastic mixing machine has the advantages of fast mixing, uniform mixture, good absorption of the resin to the extender, easy operation of the machine, easy cleaning, sturdiness and durability, and compact structure. In recent years, high speed mixers have gradually replaced low speed mixers and are widely used in the production of various plastic industries.

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Technincal data

Model Bowl Voiume Ttal / Effective Motor Rating(kw) Tool Speed(RPM) Batch Weight(kg)
RH300 300/240 75/90 900 100
RH500 500/400 90/110 660 200
RH600 600/480 110/132 660 240
RH800 800/640 132/160 610 320
RH1000 1000/800 160/200 520 400
RH1200 2000/1600 200/250 490 480

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