Various Types Of Automatic Mixers Used For Industrial Applications

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Automatic mixers are generally used for homogenizing, emulsifying, and blending materials into a single substitute, this automatic mixers thoroughly mix almost all solid and liquid to achieve the final product.

The automatic mixers are used in various industries that process or manufacture semi-solid, liquids products, the powerful blades and rotating motor of the mixer makes it useful for various kind of materials.

They are used extensively in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, agricultural, paper and pulp industries, and many more industries.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the automatic mixer determine the output of the desired products, mostly, the type of automatic mixers determines the product's output generally.

So, you need to know which automatic mixer works best for your desired products.

Automatic mixers

Below are the types of automatic mixers that are used for various industrial applications.

1. Paddle mixers

paddle mixers are a type of automatic mixers that are used for mixing, blending, and conditioning dry friable materials. It is usually built with large paddles which can rotate within a horizontal axis.

2. Static mixers

These mixers make use of a thin, flat, and ribbon-like blade and are named static mixers because it doesn’t contain any moving part. It’s designed in such a way that it can blend materials without no obstruction.

The simple arrangement of the blade makes it very easy to maintain and clean after usage.

3. High shear mixer

compared to the static mixer explained below. High shear mixers are operated at a high speed and are designed to reduce particle size, disintegration, emulsifying, disperse, and homogenization of various solid and liquid materials.

This automatic mixer is used widely in the pharmaceutical, food, paper, and pulp industry.

4. Drum mixer

This is designed to blend low viscosity materials such as cement or adhesives. It was built from a gallon usually in drum size which can rotate to mix the materials thoroughly no matter the particle sizes.

5. Food mixer

This mixer is used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries and when used for processing food, it gives the products a unique appearance or effect once it’s mixed with materials.

It is commonly used for kneading, blending and mixing edible ingredients and it is usually sanitized because of the strict regulations passed by the food and health agencies.

6. Homogenizer mixer

Homogenized are usually used for blending and breaking down materials completely.

Some industrial homogenizers are used when high grading mixing of soluble, liquid materials is essential.

This is usually needed to achieve the desired products because it’s a high-velocity mixer that uses a perforated screen to mix materials that are difficult to blend.

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