Maintenance of Plastic Mixer

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When using the high-speed mixer, maintenance procedures shall be formulated. In addition to the general equipment maintenance rules, the following matters shall also be noted.

1. Be sure to follow the operating instructions of the equipment, which is the best maintenance for the equipment.

2. Note that the equipment shall be started normally before feeding and mixing, and the feeding shall be added slowly according to the required sequence.

3. The equipment shall be equipped with sealing rings, rubber rings for couplings, V-belts and rolling bearings. The working parts of these parts are prone to failure, and they shall be replaced when necessary.

4. Regularly check whether all fasteners are loose; Check the tightness of V belt installation; All parts of the equipment shall be cleaned and dedusted.

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The mixer can be repaired once a year. Pay attention to the following points:

1. Check that the clearance between the finishing agitator blade, scraper and the mixing chamber wall should meet the requirements in the following table.

2. Disassemble all rolling bearings, clean and inspect them; Replace the severely worn parts. Replace the grease and seal ring.

3. Check whether the main transmission shaft is bent or worn.

4. Check and clean the cylinder, replace the wearing parts of the seal ring and guide sleeve, and check whether the piston rod is bent, deformed and worn.

5. Record the main parts after inspection, test if necessary, prepare the parts and accessories, and propose the next repair and replacement.

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