An Introduction of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

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Dense phase pneumatic conveying system is essentially a conveying process that transfers the material with high pressure at low velocity and high product-air ratio. It is suitable for conveying of materials that are friable, fragile, abrasive, or agglomerated in nature.

Dense phase conveying system conveys bulk solids at long distances from single/multiple locations to single /multiple points preventing low material degradation. It transports abrasive materials with comparatively less wear and tear of the system and product as well. Compared to Mechanical conveying, long distance transportation is an added advantage in dense phase conveying.

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1.Minimal material degradation as the material is transported at low velocity

2.Handles wide variety of material such as fragile, abrasive and friable as well as materials with high bulk densities

3.Minimum wear and tear of the system

4.Minimum Maintenance

5.No material spillage, no dust emission, clean environment

6.Low Noise operation

7.Low air flow rate

Standard or total cleaning pneumatic conveying is suitable for a large number of applications. The line of transport is emptied and purged after each conveying cycle.

Application examples:

transferring dosed products from the scales to the destination

conveying blends from the mixer to the destination

Dense phase pneumatic conveying system

Dense phase pneumatic conveying system

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