PVC industry applications

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In the PVC industry, we have a wealth of experience in the entire plant process planning and implementation.
From the beginning of the client project to participate in to provide from the material unwinding feeding, storage, production line logistics delivery, automatic mixing, the host and back-end equipment to the packaging of the entire line planning program,
Provide plant layout, water and electricity circuit design, steel platform, dust removal systems, exhaust gas treatment systems and other industrial processes planning.Optimize the site layout program, with safe, efficient and environmentally friendly ideas combined with professional skills to provide customers with supporting services.
In the PVC extrusion processing industry, the traditional method of compounding is: hot mix, cold mixed with artificial ingredients and conveying. With the continuous expansion of production scale, this method can no longer meet the needs of mass production.
At present, a better solution is: a computer-controlled automatic batching system as the core, supplemented by pneumatic conveying, then combined with hot and cold mixers to form a complete set of PVC ingredients, mixing production line. Compared with the traditional method, the new program has many obvious advantages, including:
1. Computer-controlled automatic batching system to improve the accuracy of ingredients, to solve the complex ingredients, the loss of materials and chemical hazards to the operator and other issues.
2. Efficient pneumatic conveying system replaces a large number of material handling heavy labor, improve production efficiency.
3 material handling process completely in the closed pipeline, to avoid the dust on the workshop environment pollution and the hazards to workers.
4. Material preparation and handling process is more focused, more efficient, higher output, fully meet the needs of mass production.




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