Major Types Of Automatic Mixing Equipment

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Mixing equipment manufacturers in manufacturing world are experts that understand mixing tools, from blade types to speed to configuration of the mixer. Mixing expert also know about how bowl shape affect and interface with the substance the mixer is mixing.


There are many types of mixing machines based on the fact that there are many and different substance to be mixed. With this information, it can be gathered that it is best to link up with manufacturers that know exactly what automatic mixing equipment you need.


Industrial mixing machines work differently to get smooth result from semi liquid substance to slurry adhesives to homogenization of milk and even to meat mincing and batter mixing.

automatic mixing equipment

Most kitchen mixers have only three blade fitment for three different level of thick semi fluid consistency for example, flat enameled paddle for mixing, whisk for beating and the dough hook for kneading. Industrial automatic mixing equipment always have many configurations to get the desired result for the product it is to be used for.


This article will discuss and make you understand the main types of automatic mixing machine



An agitator is used for mixing different substance ranging from liquid to gas to solid in pharmaceutical chemicals industrially but there are different types of agitating machines.


Examples of agitators include magnetic agitators, washing machine agitators, agitation rack. A typical example of an agitating blade is the top loading washing machine, it stays stationary on its center axis, stirring water and clothes with its blades as it turns.


Agitators in food machines and industrial product machine that have similar processing can also have similar configurations or may have removable agitating blade that are placed into the product  long enough to give it a proper stirring.


Ribbon Blenders 

Blenders and mixers are used interchangeably. Ribbon blenders are light duty blender and it is used mainly for dry product and solid mixing. This automatic mixing equipment is usually in a semi cylinder with ribbon like blades that circles around the central axis, breaking off friable materials as the axis turns.


This blender is especially used for grains, pharmaceutical and industrial powders, powdered food like flour and other solids


Paddle Mixers 

This automatic mixing equipment is like the ribbon blender with the same configuration but with paddle like blades instead of shearing ribbons. This mixer is also used for dried and powder product and can also be used for semi liquid or wet dry mixing and other high density liquid product.


Static Mixers 

Static mixer of commonly known as inline mixer is an automatic mixing equipment that has no moving parts. It comes with a ribbon like obstruction design put inside a cylinder in which liquid flows.


As the liquid stream through, the obstructions inside stops the flow of the liquid, making it to mix and blend together. Static mixers can be attached to tubes to perfect a liquid consistency without power to moving parts.



This automatic mixing equipment can be in form of a static mixer or can come in a separate machine. The two types are used for mixing or blending of liquids like water, milk and oil.


In both types of emulsifier, the pressure is applied in the sense that the liquid mixture is forced through very small screen or filter which in turn breaks up larger molecules of the product into smaller unit or liquid.


For example cream is made up of large fat molecules which is then separated from milk due to it different molecule size. Emulsification is achieved on certain occasion by adding emulsifying agents or fast shearing.



This particular automatic mixing equipment is identical to some type of emulsifiers. Homogenizer mixer mixes all types of liquid, it works by enforcing extreme force or pressure into the mixture which will result to a fine and complete blending of the product.


Most of this homogenize mixer have vertical sharp axis shearing blades which blend at a very high speed in an enclosed container.

automatic mixing equipment

Drum Mixers 

This type of automatic mixing equipment covers a large category or types of mixers. There are portable drum mixers that can be used for enclosed mixing, some drum mixers have their own vessel in which your product must be poured into.


This mixers are commonly used to blend product of low to medium consistency like cement and other related product. The drum mixer is used for mixing substances of really different fragment like rock fragments and cement.


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