Accurate and Efficient Dosing of Micro-Ingredients

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The demand for custom-made feed is rapidly increasing. It puts feed manufacturers under pressure to incorporate a vastly increased assortment of distinct ingredients in small amounts. Van Aarsen International aids in the optimization of the fine dosing procedure through the use of highly specialized small, micro, and highly precise ingredient dosing system applications.

These systems enable manufacturers to precisely dose a substantial percentage of vitamins, minerals, and additives while maintaining high quality, speed, and increased production.

The additives automatic weighing machine is a crucial element of this system, which can replace the mechanical weighing of chemical additives and eliminate errors resulting from human error.

The machine weighs 5 to 10 different types of additives with good precision, high accuracy, and no dust.

However, it is important to source a high-quality and durable one by partnering with a reliable and trusted additive automatic weighing machine manufacturer. 

additive automatic weighing machine

Dosing a large range of micro-ingredients

The inclusion of micro-ingredients in animal feeds necessitates the greatest level of accuracy in achieving the intended effect for each animal at each stage of its life of an animal.

Adding too much wastes valuable additives, while adding too few leads to inadequate performance. Many feed producers are faced with the task of producing formulas with an ever-increasing variety of micro-ingredients, each with unique characteristics such as sticky, dusty, hostile, and rough.

Because successive weighing and dosing of multiple micro-ingredients require considerable time in the conventional system, manufacturing capacity can rapidly become a major constraint.

This efficient combo of small, micro, and precision ingredient dosing helps in achieving:

  • Maximum accuracy 
  • No product wastage 
  • No human errors
  • Massive production speed
  • Consistency in the event of personnel changes
  • A safe working atmosphere (prevent danger to human health due to hazardous components)

Hygienic and accurate dosing technology for precious micro-ingredients

The first step in determining the best fine-dosing solution is to examine the recipe ideas of the production facility in question. Then the next thing is to determine the most suitable combination of dosing systems for attaining the highest accuracy for all components while maintaining the fastest possible production speed.

The final draft proposal is built around a combined system of individual dosing units that can dose eight distinct ingredients using a mixture of micro-dosing (up to 20 or 50kg) and small dosing (up to 75, 100, or 200kg). The micro-dosing unit can also be equipped with a highly precise dosing system (up to 1kg).

Increased speed as a result of simultaneously weighing several ingredients

With the use of an additive automatic weighing balance combination of several individual dosing units can be done simultaneously, weighing out several micro-ingredients, thereby speeding up the entire weighing and dosing process. This increases the speed of production without compromising accuracy.

Designed with attention to detail

The additive automatic weighing balance is designed such that it can prevent any loss or contamination of ingredients.

Do you need a high-quality additive automatic weighing machine?

There are many different types of additive automatic weighing machines on the market, and their efficiency is largely determined by how well they are designed and built by the manufacturer.

As a result, it is critical to partner with a reputable and experienced additive automatic weighing machine manufacturer.

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