A Complete Guide to PVC Compound Atuomatic Mixing System

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Introduction and application

For large PVC pipe/SPC floor/PVC wall panel production factory, advanced automatic weighing compounding conveying system is essential, traditional mixing method is that people weigh and batch material manually, then move the mixed material to extruder also manually, this old way just fit for the small factory, and has many defects.

  •  An artificial mixing system is easy to make a mistake, because this is repetitive work, so the worker is tired easily. the weighing precision is not assured.
  •  Labor intensity is large, human cost is high from long-term view.
  • Chemical raw material harms the worker's health.

In order to solve these problems, our company designed this PVC automatic mixing weighing conveying system in which the computer can automatically control weighing and batching, and feeding compound to extruder the complete PVC mixing system consists of:

  • Loading station(PVC loader Caco3 loader Recycled material).
  • Pneumatic vacuum conveying system.
  • PVC resin and Caco3 and Recycled material storage silo.
  • Automatic raw material and additives dosing system for a mixer.
  • PVC mixing unit.
  • Compound storage silo.
  • Automatic feeding system for PVC extruder.

Automation of bulk material handling systems

Automation and storage, automation and discharge

The storage of large bulk solids quantities is realized in silos, big bags and containers, equipped with automatic discharge aid for safe extraction of the required product amount from the container. In case of larger capacities the bag emptying is made automatically; at smaller discharge capacities the manual discharge process is usually supported by mechanical devices (like hoists ....). 

Automation and conveying

The application of automation technologies in the field of bulk solids transport - comprising both mechanical systems (screw conveyors, bucket elevators, chain conveyors...) and also pneumatic systems (conveying under overpressure and by vacuum, fluidized bed chutes...) - has a very strong impact on production and productivity. It allows transporting even very large bulk quantities in a reliable and safe manner over great distances without human intervention. 

Automation and metering, automation and weighing

In the field of metering and weighing automation allows for higher metering accuracies and has - besides a productivity increase - mainly an impact on the product quality. Of great importance are the production records and batch protocols recorded and filed by the recipe management system.

Zhangjiagang Chiyu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd focus on building bulk solid handling plant and supplying related machines and fabricated parts to the plastic, chemical, and petrochemical industry.
Our long suits are the best understanding of bulk material properties and the handling process. We are good at solving problems that exist in bulk solid conveying, storage, weighing, mixing and screening.
Meanwhile, offering optimal solutions and proposals for the whole project.

Eventually, our company will provide you with an ideal project which acts according to your demands. With comprehensive experience, and creative and innovative emotion.

We provide the below machines and plants to the domestic and international market

  • PVC compound mixer rubber mixer Powder mixer food mixer hot and cooling mixer Horizontal Ribbon Mixer
  • PVC compound mixer rubber mixer Powder mixer food mixer hot and cooling mixer
  • Powder dosing system PVC mixing system Fully automatic mixing weighing conveying system Automatic weighing system for powder
  • Additives dosing system Chemical dosing system
  • Pneumatic conveying system Vacuum conveyor

Our aim

Total compliance with the technical demands and operating conditions taking into account operating costs and rates of return and wherever possible reducing investment costs.


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