A Basic Guide to Powder Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems Bulk Bag Loading Systems

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Lean / Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems is essentially a process that transfers material with low pressure and at high velocity. Lean Phase pneumatic conveying system is a suitable process for conveying of non-friable and non-abrasive materials suspended in air with low material to air ratio.

Also referred as suspension flow, most of the materials are conveyed irrespective of the particle size, shape or density.

Powders with low bulk density that are fine in nature with less air retention capability are conveyed in suspension flow in a dilute mode wherein material to air ratio is low.

Our customized solutions are suited to meet the various process needs as well as different industrial applications. With an experience of over 20 years, we are one of the leading Dilute/ Lean Phase conveying systems manufacturers.

Types of Lean Phase conveying system

1. Positive Pressure type:

Positive pressure systems operate above atmospheric pressure and are used to convey bulk materials over medium distances with greater capacity than using vacuum systems

With diverter valves, multiple destination delivery one after the other reception points can be arranged easily with positive pressure systems.

Multiple feed points into a common line can also be provided ensuring proper selection and air quantity and special conveying Rotary air lock valves.

Positive pressure systems

2. Vacuum/Suction/ Negative Pressure type:

Negative pressure conveying systems operate with air pressures below atmospheric pressur

A vacuum pressure is applied at the destination to suck the material from Rotary Airlock Valve (RAL)) or through suction tool and into the air stream.

With the advantage of gas leakage being inward, the dust injection into the atmosphere is virtually eliminated.

Negative Pressure system is critical for toxic and explosive materials and these materials can operate without a closed system, providing adequate safety measures like Exhaust Venting are taken care of.


Suitable for transferring wide range of materials for short distances

Variety of particle size, shape or bulk densities can be conveyed

Distribution to multiple areas in a plant and pick-up from several points

Dust free operation, less spillage resulting in good yield recovery

Flexibility in routing – can be transported vertically and horizontally by the addition of a bend in the pipeline

Atomized powder handing ensuring better process controls, less manpower, safety in Plants

Total hygiene is maintained due to less exposure of manhandling




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