Merits of Automatic Feeding Machine In Pipe Extrusion

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During the production of high quality plastic pipe using an extruder, so many machines and components usually work hand-in-hand to ensure that the end product is of the desired quality. Among the list of components and machines used during this process is the automatic feeding machine, which is used to ensure that the feeding of raw materials into the extruder is done in a continuous rate.

With this, every inch of the pipe can be produced to have the desired consistency and within the right specification. Just as the name suggests, the automatic feeding machine is a high precision technology piece of equipment with so much relevance in the extrusion marketplace.

For this reasons and others as we shall be seeing shortly, the automatic feeding machine remains the best technique in achieving high accuracy as well as improved material quality.

In this post, we shall be looking at some merits or advantages of the automatic feeding machine, which endears many to it. Stick around as we consider these together.


Merits of the automatic feeding machine

Stability of Pipe Dimension

With an automatic feeding machine, you can be assured of an outstanding dimensional stability of pipes through a mode of operation commonly referred to as line control system.

In this kind of a system, the automatic feeding machine has a PLC that sends control signals to the controller of the extruded, to adjust the speed of the extrusion to conform with what the feed rate of plastic from the feeding machine is.

With this, even when there is a slight variation in the rate of plastic feeding, the extruder will always be able to adapt in the same order for the production of pipes with an exceptional stability throughout their dimension

automatic feeding machine,

A seamless pipe extrusion operation

In an automatic feeding machine, the PCL control is also known to have an advantage of being very easy to update or change. With this, changing from one plastic raw material to the other becomes very easy, and this also makes the production of pipes with different composition of plastic very possible. With such possibility, pipes of different plastic composition neded for different purposes can be produced with ease.


Improved handling of material

When it comes to material containment the automatic feeding machine ranks highest since during the loading process or reloading, the raw material is kept intact and without spillage within the hopper.

Similarly, with the PLC control unit of the automatic feeding machine, the system has the ability to keep an updated record of raw material used as well as the handling of such raw materials. This, it does by giving records down to the least minute or production or the least inch of pipe produced per day.


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